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Next stop was Golders Green bus station, and then the road run commenced from here. [Andrew Morgan] RCL2229 also came from London Transport Museum for the run. [Mark Kehoe] The last Routemaster built, RML2760, came along from London Bus Museum. [Andrew Morgan] Old and new together at Victoria. Which do you prefer ? [Andrew Morgan] RM1 arrived at Crystal Palace and was joined by the others that took part on the run. [Mark Kehoe] Shillibeer liveried RM2208 commemorates the 1979 livery carried by twelve Routemasters. [Andrew Morgan] RM5 at Crystal Palace. [Andrew Morgan] RM158 at Crystal Palace. [Andrew Morgan] RM357 at Crystal Palace. [Andrew Morgan] DAF engined RM545 at Crystal Palace. [Andrew Morgan] RML883 was one of the entries that met up at Scratchwood (London Gateway) services before heading to Golders Green. [George Gamblin] RM1397 at Crystal Palace. [Andrew Morgan] RM1859, still in Reading Mainline livery, is seen at Crystal Palace. [Andrew Morgan] RM2097 is seen at Scratchwood (London Gateway) services. [George Gamblin] RM2116, in the 1983 livery which commemorated 50 years of London Transport, is seen at Crystal Palace. [Andrew Morgan] RCL2254 made a welcome surprise re-appearance and is seen at Crystal Palce. [Andrew Morgan] RML2323, from RedRoutemaster, is seen at Crystal Palace. [Andrew Morgan] In total, fifteen Routemasters took part in the 2016 route 2 road run, and at around 2pm the glorious weather gave way to a cloud burst - and a rainbow ! [Andrew Morgan] And soon afterwards it was time to go home. RM1 is seen from RCL2229. [Mark Kehoe]
60th Anniversary of RM1 entering service on route 2.
Number of photos: 20
Author: Routemaster Association

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