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AEC Rally at Newark 25th/26th May 2019.
Number of photos: 1
Author: Routemaster Association
December 2018 was the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Routemaster Association. [Andrew Morgan] Some of the members present joined in for a photograph. [Andrew Morgan] Routemaster Association Committee members (left to right) Tim Barrington, Andrew Morgan and David Lee cut the cake. [Andrew Morgan] RM255 arrives at the Ace Cafe. [Andrew Morgan] RM848 departs from the Ace Cafe. [Andrew Morgan] New into preservation was RM1527. [Andrew Morgan] RM2097 is ready to depart from the Ace Cafe. [Andrew Morgan] RM2116 is in gear and leaving the Ace Cafe. [Andrew Morgan] RML2276 was a late arrival from Chesterfield. [Andrew Morgan] RML2393 joined the run in London. [Andrew Morgan] RML2746 made its rally debut in 2018 and joined the run for the first time. [Andrew Morgan] After the 159 run, and after a refreshment break at the Ace Cafe, several owners undertook a Christmas Lights Tour. [Timothy Morgan] RM2097, with tungsten bulbs ablaze, is ready for departure to see the Christmas lights. [Timothy Morgan] RML2393 is seen in Oxford Street. [Andrew Morgan] Spot the Routemaster ......... the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and RML2746. [Andrew Morgan] Never miss the chance for iconic London scenes and a Routemaster ...... [Timothy Morgan] or just a photo of a Christmas tree ...... [Timothy Morgan] RM2097 under an angel in Regents Street. [Timothy Morgan] RML2393 and St. Paul's cathedral. [Timothy Morgan]
Route 159 13th anniversary Road Run 8th December 2018.
Number of photos: 20
Author: Routemaster Association

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