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Buses at the show
Routemaster bus lineup

Photo: Mark Kehoe

The following is a list of the vehicles that attended Routemaster 60.


Fleet Number Reg Number Livery Contact names
RM1  SLT 56  1950's LT  London Transport Museum 
RM2  SLT 57  1950's LT  London Transport Museum 
RML3  SLT 58  1950's LT  London Bus Museum 
RM5  VLT 5  1960's LT  Phil Swallow 
RM6  VLT 6  Queen's Jubilee Gold  Arriva London 
RM7  VLT 7  1960's LT  Rob Duker 
RM8  VLT 8  1950's LT  RM 8 Club 
RM9  VLT 9  1960's LT  London General 
RM16  VLT 16  1980’s LRT   Brian Lewer 
RM44  VLT 44  Southend Transport  Stewart Miles 
RM66  VLT 66  1980's LT  Swansea Bus Museum 
RM108  VLT 108  1960's LT  Mrs T. Prew-Smith 
RM116  VLT 116  1980's LT  Southerntransit Bus Company 
RM188  VLT 188  1960's LT  Peter Rogers 
RM238  VLT 238  1960's LT  A1 Bus company  
RM254  VLT 254  1960's LT  Graham Rixon 
RM275  VLT 275  1960's LT  T. Linger 
RM291  VLT 291  1960's LT   Robin Ward 
RM308  WLT 308  1980's LT  Keith Saunders & Duane Curtis 
RM349  WLT 349  1970's LT  David Good 
RM357  WLT 357  1960's LT  Routemaster Travel South 
RM471  KVS 601  1960's LT  A1 Bus company 
RM479  WSJ 737  Timebus Travel  Ewen Pring 
RM545  WLT 545  1960's LT  Routemaster Travel South 
RM613  WLT 613  1960's LT  RM613 Group 
RM752  677 DYE  LT red  Julian Brown  
RM765  WLT 765  1960's LT  David Lee 
RM811  WLT 811  Lincoln green  Roy Watts 
RM848  448 UXS  London bus Red  David Paskell 
RM857  WLT 857  1960's LT  Trevor Wright 

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